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About us


Remnant of Yisrael seeks to sound a call to the remnant to repent and return to the ancient paths of Truth and Righteousness; to prepare them for the return of Y'shua the Messiah and for living in His Kingdom.


We seek to accomplish this task by teaching the whole of Scripture, with the understanding that Moshe [Moses] and the Prophets have declared the identity of the Messiah for us, that the end has been declared from the beginning, and that all things written in Scripture are based on the Truth previously declared; one part of the text does not disallow the other.


The Messiah that the Torah and the Prophets declare has provided us with the Covenant that offers redemption, renewal, and restoration. His Word also prepares us with insight and understanding for the days that lie ahead, ultimately culminating in His return to bring us His Kingdom.



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