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Statement of Belief



We teach that YHWH [Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey] is One/Echad; a unity of One. He has chosen to reveal Himself to His Creation through His Word, His Covenants, by His actions, His Prophets, and through the revelation of His Messiah to Yisrael.


We teach that there is more about Him that we do not know than we do know, His ways and thoughts being so much higher than our own. There is a part of Him that may be seen, heard, and experienced, but no one may see the full revelation of His Face.


2. Torah


We teach the first five books in Scripture, known as the Torah of Moshe, as containing all Scripture truth. The following texts contain historical narratives of those who were given the Torah, the call of the Prophets to return to the Torah and the announcing of the coming Kingdom the Torah promises, the poetic descriptions of the Torah's wisdom, love for the Messiah the Torah reveals, and love for the Torah itself.


We teach that the Messianic writings from Matthew to Revelation describe the life of the Torah's revealed Messiah and life application of Messiah's teachings. We do not accept that these writings replace, stand above, or in any way are superior to the Torah, but rather they affirm and substantiate the truth the Torah contains. The Torah is eternal and for everyone.


3. Messiah


We teach that Yahshua of Nazereth [Yeshua/Y'shuah/Yehoshua] is indeed the Messiah of Yisrael, that He was born from a virgin daughter of Yisrael, an Almah, and that He lived a pure and sinless life according to all the Torah requires. We understand that His body was purely human and that which resided within the body, His animation, His understanding, His spirit was that of YHWH.


He is the One described as "Wonderful, Counselor, El Gibbor [Mighty El], Avi Ad [Everlasting Father] and Sar Shalom [Prince of Peace]." We understand that He is the Word of Elohim Who appeared to the Patriarchs, YHWH's Arm of Salvation, and the Branch/Tzemach Who will rule from the Throne of David.


His purpose is to redeem the fallen House of Yisrael, calling all to make teshuvah/ repent, turn from their breaking of the Torah and to return to obedience to His commands. He died as the Passover Lamb and was given resurrection from the grave as the offering of First Fruits. We expect His return to this world to reign over the Earth as Sovereign and teach all men to live according to the Torah.


4. Yisrael


We teach that YHWH has given His Covenant to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya'acov [Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob], which describes His Promises of redemption, the lineage of His Seed, deliverance, and the inheritance of the Land of Yisrael. The opportunity to walk in this Covenant is given first to those of Avraham's lineage and then to all who choose to walk in the belief that Avraham demonstrated. All who choose to walk in obedience to this Covenant are called Am Yisrael/People of Yisrael.


No entity, organization, religion, or people can replace Yisrael in the Covenant that YHWH has given. All those redeemed and obedient are grafted into the Olive Tree of Yisrael. Further, all the tribes of Yisrael will ultimately be recovered, restored to the Covenant, and returned home to the inherited lands promised to Avraham.


5. Salvation and the New Birth


We teach that these two events are separate; one being instantaneous and the second being an ongoing process. To be Born Again is to be born spiritually, from an ability given from above. We receive the Seed of the Word, Yochanan [John] 1 and B'reshith [Genesis] 1, The Word of Elohim. This Seed reproduces in the same way as seed that bears natural fruit; the identity of the Seed is inside of the fruit it produces. The Fruit reproduces after its kind, after the heart, the character, and nature of Yahshua, the Word.


The act or the action of Salvation is that of an ongoing process. We teach that we are not so much "saved" as we are being saved. The Name of Yahshua is rooted in the Hebrew word for salvation; "yasha" [yod, shin, ayin]" and means to be liberated, be saved, be delivered.

Salvation then is the process of being rescued, delivered from enemies, and seeing the Deliverer. It is NOT the same as being Born Again, but rather a result that can come to those who are. While the New Birth is an instantaneous event, salvation is an on going process of total deliverance.


We should also understand that Yahshua is so named as He is our Salvation or the means, the instrument, the agent that YHWH uses to bring about our deliverance and our ability to cast our eyes upon Him. We begin this process as did Avraham. We trust Him to bring about His promises to us and live according to what those promises require.


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